Barramundi / जिताडा / कोमट / चोणक

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Barramundi’s native waters span from Northern Australia up to Southeast Asia and all the way west to the coastal waters of India and Sri Lanka. Barramundi is known by many around the world as Asian Seabass, The name barramundi is Aboriginal for “large-scaled silver fish.” Virtually all barramundi are born male, and then turn into females when they are three to four years old.  This means female barramundi can only be courted by younger men.

Barramundi live in freshwater, saltwater and estuaries. Barramundi are born in the ocean and live in freshwater — basically the opposite lifestyle of the salmon. However, they also are able to live purely in saltwater. A Barramundi’s age is determined by counting growth rings on their scales (much like counting growth rings on a tree).

Barramundi can travel great distances in a lifetime; one fish was tagged and found 400 miles away. Barramundi spawn on the full moon, and their iridescent skin can be seen shimmering through the water during their ‘love dance’.

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