How it Works

We decide on recommendations based on two rationales-

1: Sparing the fish during their breeding season and early stages of lives

Lets take Kingfish as an example:

To know when the Kingfish breeds we collated all the available scientific literature on kingfish breeding on the west coast of India. Most reports indicate that kingfish breed during May to November and most of the breeding occurs between October and November.

So we recommend that the months of October and November are definitely not a good time to eat Kingfish.


2: Collateral Damage control

Lets take Kingfish as an example:

Seer fish is caught by methods like large gill nets and hook-and-line. These methods involve a lot of by-catch or secondary catch of sharks, along with the targeted seer fish.

Literature shows that most shark species on west coast of India have a breeding period covering March, April and May.

This would mean that eating Seer fish in March, April and May, will risk sharks as unintentional by-catch. Considering sharks are already highly threatened, imposing more fishing pressure will only drive them to extinction sooner.

Hence, we modified our recommendation for Seer fish to accommodate the breeding season for sharks so as to cause minimum collateral damage.


Though our recommendations are based on the most up-to-date scientific knowledge of this area, they may change for several reasons. New scientific data may emerge in this area which may cause us to re-evaluate our recommendations.

We review all our recommendations each year and modify them if required.